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Ariel X Features SubmissiveX Muscles and Sensual Lesbian Bondage

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Models / Ariel X

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Ariel Edges Her Clit Begging You To Allow Her To Cum
Ariel X
Ariel X is in her bedroom edging herself to build up to a massive orgasm. She's been training self edging for years and knows exactly how to ride the wave of orgasm build up. But she needs your permission before she can cum. Will you let her cum?

Tags: Masturbating Real Orgasm Sex Toys Topless
Speculum, Anal, Medical Examination
Ariel X , Juliette March
Ariel has gotten captured again. This time she wakes up in a hospital room with cuffs and chains on each of her limbs. A nice comes in and Ariel erroneously thinks the Nurse is going to help her. The nurse doesn't need to say much; her actions speak louder than words. Juliette March is a stone cold agent...

Tags: Fingers In Ass Flogging Pussy Eating Spanking Squirting
Ariel X Takes The Deep Throat Challenge With A 24 Inch Toy
Ariel X
Ariel X is on her hands and knees ass up, face down doing one of the most challenging deepthroat concepts she's ever done. Can she take the whole thing? One thing is for sure, watching her take this toy as deep as she does just shows that she can take any cock in her mouth.

Tags: Blowjob Dirty Talking Gagging Sex Toys Topless
Bad Bookie Gets Punished by the Crime Boss Part 1
Ariel X , Mona Wales
Mona Wales has made a good living off the desperation of others. She hires muscles like Ariel X to collect gamblers' debts with intimidation tactics. The problem is, Ariel is the worst bookie ever. She is too sympathetic towards the players and doesn't collect money owed in a timely fashion so not to...

Tags: Fingers In Ass Fisting Foot Worship Slapping Strapon Fucking
Ariel Is Your Slave To Use
Ariel X
Ariel X is on her knees begging to suck your cock and fuck her but you want to tease her. She shows off her body and begs you to fuck her, She wants you to use her because she's your little slut.

Tags: Dirty Talking Masturbating Role Play Sex Toys
Yoga Sluts Sniff Each Other's Stink
Ariel X , Tori Avano
Tori Avano is going to assist Ariel in improving posture, range of motion and mindfulness. Tori and Ariel get naked and start with the breath of life by inhaling each other's more dirty, stinky parts. Foot, Ass, pussy and everything that starts attracts a mate is inhaled with great delight. These two...

Tags: Face Sitting Muscle Worship Role Play Yoga Pants
Teasing Too Much Gets Ariel In Trouble
Ariel X
Ariel is starting her first day of yoga and there is only one person in the yoga room when she arrives. It's the Handsome dude, Bently Layne. Ariel starts rubbing against him to flirt but as soon as he tries to make moves on her, she pushes him away. Bently gets tired of the games and pushes ariel down...

Tags: Yoga Pants
Ariel Is Awoken By Savannah Fox For Deepthroat Orgasms
Ariel X , Savannah Fox
Ariel is rudely awoken by Savannah Fox and her throat is made to cum with deepthroating as Savannah thrusts a dildo deep into Ariel's throat over and over again causing her to orgasm

Tags: Dirty Talking Fetish Gagging Sex Toys Topless
Ariel Wants You To Jerk Off With Her
Ariel X
You and Ariel have been saving full sex for a special day but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with masturbation and jerk off instruction. Ariel has you get your cock out and just to be safe has you wear a condom for masturbation but your cock is too good and Ariel has to taste that free range cock...

Tags: Dirty Talking JOI Masturbating Role Play Sex Toys
Yoga Sluts Stretch Their Assholes and Pussies
Ariel X , Leya Falcon
Ariel X has had a crush on her Yoga teacher, Leya Falcon for a long time. The smell of Leya in yoga class drives Ariel crazy. Finally, Leya makes the first move and kisses Ariel, then the two sniff and huff each other's sweaty armpits, asses, and crotches. These two lesbians lick up all the sweat and...

Tags: Anal Ass Licking Feet Fingers In Ass Foot Worship Kissing Pussy Eating Rim Job Sex Toys Strapon Fucking Yoga Pants
Girls Lift Each Other While They Flirt
Ariel X , Sinn Sage
Ariel And Sinn Sage have been quarantining together and they have maxed out their workouts. They need to level up on their weight lifting so they decide to lift and carry each other. Each girl does a lift on the other all the meantime, kissing and humping. They do piggy back, ceiling racks, fireman carries...

Tags: Bikini Kissing Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Workout
Ariel Shows Us Why Skinny Bitches Are A Joke
Ariel X
Ariel warns any weak person (physically or emotionally weak) to get off the couch and start training so they could have a chance to touch her amazing powerful muscles. She use to be skinny herself but she worked hard and it paid off so now it's your turn

Tags: Flexing Muscle Worship Topless
Ariel Deep Throats A Dildo As Big As Her Arm
Ariel X
Ariel X can suck big cock! She has a huge dildo and she stuffs that fat cock all the way down her little throat, touching her throat clit and cumming every time the cock suffocates her.

Tags: Sex Toys
Ariel X and Tyler Dare Have Test of Strength
Ariel X , Tyler Dare
Ariel X and tyler Dare are both strong fit muscle babes known for their muscle control and power. Tyler has called out Ariel for a compeition to see who is more fit. The girls compete with Armwrestling, pushups, belly punching, situps and a afinger lock test of strength

Tags: Arm Wrestling Flexing Muscle Worship Punching Topless Workout
Fantasy Creampie With Hard Pounding to Ariel's Pussy
Ariel X
Now is your chance to fuck Ariel X hard, but that hard pounding with your huge cock gets your cumming fast and you can't control yourself and you cum right into Ariels pussy. This is a fucking machine pounding that not too many girls could take but ariel can and she pretends that it's your cock fucking...

Tags: Dirty Talking Masturbating Sex Toys
Spy Captured and Convinced to Talk After Sexual Torment
Ariel X , Savannah Fox
Ariel X is a proud American who is willing to do anything for her country. That means she'll take a real beating just to protect her nation. Unfortunately for Ariel, her convoy was ambushed and she has been taken prisoner by the evil counter intelligence operator of a foreign country. Savannah Fox is...

Tags: Ass Licking Bound Face Sitting Face Slapping Flogging Spanking Strapon Fucking
Ariel X Wears Her Strap On and Instruction You On How To Masturbate Along With Her
Ariel X
Ariel X has entered the room and she is showing off her massive strap on cock and her beautiful muscles. She talks you through how to please yourself and her while she fondles her pretty pussy while stroking her beautiful cock

Tags: Flexing Masturbating Strapon
Orgasm Challenge, First One To Cum Gets Punished With Anal
Agatha Delicious , Ariel X
We've been trash talking and finally meet in the locker room before out orgasm challenge. We continue our trash talk while we strip each other and check each other's holes for we4pons or methods of cheating. ears, noses, mouths, pussies and buttholes are checked to make sure no cheating will occur during...

Tags: Anal Dirty Talking Face Sitting Feet Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Pussy Eating Slapping Strapon Fucking Tribbing Wrestling
Ariel X And Tyler Dare Compete in Pec Bounce and Flex Off
Ariel X , Tyler Dare
Ariel X and Tyler Dare are both strong fit muscle babes known for their muscle control and power. Tyler has called out Ariel for a competition to see who can do the best muscle control for pec bouncing. The girls compare muscles and muscle control

Tags: Flexing Muscle Worship Topless
Flexing, Belly Punching and Pec Bounce
Ariel X , Tyler Dare
Tyler Dare and Ariel X are here to see who can be the toughest in the muscle off challenge. The girls start by comparing muscles and worshiping each other's muscles. The do an arm wrestling challenge, a muscle control with pec bounce challenge and then they do a belly punching challenge. The winner of...

Tags: Arm Wrestling Flexing Muscle Worship Punching Topless
Student Becomes Teacher When Yogina Gets Stretched By Naughty Student
Ariel X , Vanessa Vega
Vanessa Vega has been in love with her Hot Yoga instructor for a long time. We open the scene with Ariel in her yoga clothes, tied up in bondage awaiting for Vanessa Vega who has been out abducting other hot willing lesbians. Vanessa teases Ariel with spanks then makes her sniff and lick her pretty...

Tags: Anal Ass Licking BDSM Bound Face Sitting Feet Fingers In Ass Foot Worship Kissing Pussy Eating Rim Job Spanking Tribbing Yoga Pants
Bat Slut Captured By A HarleyQuinn And Punished
Ariel X , Leya Falcon
Ariel X has been captured by a Harley Quinn. The Harley Quinn is none other than Leya Falcon and her "dom dada" needs her to get some information out of the bat slut. Leya knows that the Bat Slut is a recovering sex addict so Leya has fun converting the Bat Slut back to what she always has been: a pussy...

Tags: Anal Ass Licking BDSM Bound Cosplay Face Sitting Fingers In Ass Gagging Pussy Eating Rim Job Role Play Strapon Fucking
Ariel Gets Stretched Topless By Her Male Instructor
Ariel X
Chad Diamond has a great reputation for being a woman pleaser. Ariel has signed up for her session with him to get stretched in all the right ways. Ariel's beautiful tits come out while Chad stretches and tests Ariel's flexibility.

Tags: Topless Workout Yoga Pants
Realtiy TV Show Undercover Boss Punishes Terrible Employee
Ariel X , Brandi Mae
Brandi Mae is a successful business Lady who has left the running of her company to her employees. She has gotten wind that some things have been going on at her company that she doesn't like so she has gone on the live stream reality show " Covert Boss Lady" to see for herself what is going on. The...

Tags: Anal Face Sitting Gagging Pussy Eating Spanking Strapon Fucking


what an increadable woman xxx
Ariel X is the epitome of beauty and lustiness with a smashing body of work worth watching.